Natural Rubber Testing Equipment

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Rây lọc chất bẩn cao su TCVN 6089-ISO 249 Call

Rây lọc chất bẩn cao su TCVN 6089-ISO 249

Rây lọc chất bẩn cao su TCVN 6089-ISO 249 0908.866.933
Ageing Chamber Call

Ageing Chamber

Ageing Chamber Standards: BS ISO 2930 ASTM D 3194 For use with the Rapid Plastimeter to calculate PRI, Plasticity Retention Index, widely used to grade natural rubber 0908.866.933
Heating Presses for COLOUR INDEX TEST Call

Heating Presses for COLOUR INDEX TEST

Heating Presses for COLOUR INDEX TEST TCVN 6093 0908.866.933
Rubber two roll mill Call

Rubber two roll mill

Rubber two roll mill Conforms to ISO 2393 0908.866.933
Rapid Plastimeter Call

Rapid Plastimeter

The MonTech Rapid Plastimeter 0908.866.933
Rubber ageing oven Call

Rubber ageing oven

The MonTech ageing oven for plasticity testing ages rubber in accordance with international testing standards. In conjunction with the MonTech Plastimeter, it allows the user to determine the Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers. 0908.866.933
Rubber Two Roll Mill Call

Rubber Two Roll Mill

Rubber Two Roll Mill 0908.866.933
Bench Top Heated Press Call

Bench Top Heated Press

Hydraulic Laboratory Press with safety shield and heated platens Manually operated Clamp Specifications: Clamping force 12 tons Daylight opening 0" - 15" Factory Set @ 5" Stroke 5 1/8" Two (2) fully-threaded columns Heated platen package, including: Two (2) 6" x 6" electrically-heated steel platens Temperature range up to 343 deg. C One (1) digital temperature controller per platen 0-24,000 lb. Analog pressure gauge 230 volt, 1ph supply voltage Light gray safety shield Dark gray frame Electrical 0908.866.933
Lab Ovens Call

Lab Ovens

Ovens for many applications. Temperature : max. 300°C The FRANCE ETUVES XU universal ovens are suitable for all applications for drying, heating, heat preservation, sterilization, component aging, curing or any other thermal test in laboratories and in all sectors of industry. There are 8 standard volumes : 32, 58, 112, 225, 343, 490, 686 and 980 liters. 0908.866.933
Call 0908.866.933
Heating Mantles Call

Heating Mantles

Heating Mantles 0908.866.933
Banks of heating mantles for digestion, kjeldahl and soxhlet extraction Call

Banks of heating mantles for digestion, kjeldahl and soxhlet extraction

Banks of heating mantles for digestion, kjeldahl and soxhlet extraction 0908.866.933
Kjeldahl distillation Call

Kjeldahl distillation

TCVN 6091 (ISO 1656) Kjeldahl distillation for rubber nitrogen distillation: Rubber, raw natural, and rubber latex, natural - Determination of nitrogen content 0908.866.933
Mooney Viscometer Call

Mooney Viscometer

Ueshima VR-1130 Mooney Vicometer 0908.866.933
Moving Die Rheometer Call

Moving Die Rheometer

Ueshima VR-3110 Moving die rheometer (Flat die rheometer - FDR) Applied Standards JIS K6300-2, ISO 6502, ASTM D 5289. Application: -Measurement of vulcanization characteristics of compounded rubber along with the vulcanization process. - Measurement of viscosity of raw and compounded rubber. 0908.866.933
DSTM-5KN Universal Testing Machine Call

DSTM-5KN Universal Testing Machine

DSTM-5KN Universal Testing Machine 0908.866.933
Call 0908.866.933
Merit water still Call

Merit water still

Merit water still W4000 0908.866.933


Manufactured thick, robust and heat resistant borosilicate 3.3 glass without a vacuum stopcock. Featured with a 2-way high vacuum stopcock enabling consistent and uniform vacuum draw and release. Vacuum stopcock can hold maximum vacuum of 1 Torr more than 24 hours. Excellent smooth grinded body and lid flanges guarantees airtight closure. Supplied with a porcellain perforated desiccator plate. 0908.866.933
Magnetic Stirrer Call

Magnetic Stirrer

Benchmark 3760-SE magnetic stirrer 0908.866.933
Call 0908.866.933
Analytical Balances Call

Analytical Balances

Shimadzu ATY-224 Analytical Balances 0908.866.933
Electronic Balances Call

Electronic Balances

Shimadzu TBX-622L Electronic Balances 0908.866.933
Ultrasonic Cleaner Call

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Selecta Ultrasonic Cleaner 0908.866.933
Call 0908.866.933
Call 0908.866.933
Call 0908.866.933
Call 0908.866.933
Fume hood Call

Fume hood

Stainless steel Fume hood 0908.866.933
Call 0908.866.933
Call 0908.866.933
Tensile Testing machine Call

Tensile Testing machine

United DSTM-2.5KN Tensile Testing Machine 0908.866.933

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