Rubber compound testing equipment

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Mooney Viscometer Call

Mooney Viscometer

Ueshima Seisakusho VR-1130 Mooney Viscometer ●Measurement of Mooney viscosity for unvulcanized rubber ●Measurement of scorch time for unvulcanized rubber Applied Standard JIS K 6300-1, ISO289, ASTM D 1646 0908.866.933 3,421 lượt
Rotorless rheometer (Flat Die Rheometer) Call

Rotorless rheometer (Flat Die Rheometer)

JIS K6300-2, ISO 6502, ASTM D 5289 (Oscillating Sealed Flat Die Cavity Rotorless Curemeter) FDR (Flat Die Rheometer), manufactured by Ueshima Seisakusho Co., Ltd. 0908.866.933 3,105 lượt


Rubber loses resiliency as temperature goes down. The frozen rubber can't keep its essential characteristics under the temperature below Glass Transition Point. In fact, the rubber applications under severe environments such as vehicle tire in frozen area and aircraft components in the stratosphere are seriously affected. Our Gehman's torsion tester TM-2535 is the most popular testing machine for this purpose and is adopted by JIS K6261(Equivalent to ISO 1432, ASTM D1053). 0908.866.933 1,736 lượt


GAS PERMEABILITY TESTER for test GAS PERMEABILITY of Rubber MS 4510 - Ueshima - Japan 0908.866.933 1,613 lượt
Rubber Two Roll Mill Call

Rubber Two Roll Mill

Rubber Two Roll Mill 0908.866.933 2,940 lượt
Geer's Aging Oven Call

Geer's Aging Oven

Rubber and plastic products will be deteriorated gradually by oxidation or influence of heat and sunlight in a long time of use depending on the environment. Moreover, it may not only result in degradation of the necessary performance which was secured in the beginning but also result in a big accident in some cases. Applicable Standard JIS K 6257, ISO 188, JIS K 7212 B Type/JIS K 7212, ISO 4577 0908.866.933 2,540 lượt
DIN Abrasion Tester Call

DIN Abrasion Tester

The DIN Abrasion Tester is of the type that rotates a drum with grinding cloth wound around the surface at a specified speed, presses the sample against the grinding cloth. Applicable Standard: JIS K 6254-2/ISO4649/ISO23794 Test Piece Size: 16.2±0.2mm dia, 6mm or thicker Drum Size: 150±0.2mm dia., 460mm wide Drum Speed: 40±1rpm 0908.866.933 2,846 lượt
Call 0908.866.933 2,787 lượt
Call 0908.866.933 2,229 lượt
Wallace Rapid Plastimeter Call

Wallace Rapid Plastimeter

The MonTech Plastimeter( wallace rapid plastimeter) measures the plasticity or viscosity of unvulcanised rubbers. The test is simple, clean and quick. The instrument is used in conjunction with the MonTech Aging chamber for plasticity testing to determine the Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers. 0908.866.933 2,836 lượt
Call 0908.866.933 2,493 lượt
4386 Bench Top Laboratory Manual Press with Electrically Heated Platens Call

4386 Bench Top Laboratory Manual Press with Electrically Heated Platens

4386 Bench Top Laboratory Manual Press with Electrically Heated Platens 0908.866.933 2,715 lượt
United Deluxe 2.5KN Table Top UTM Call

United Deluxe 2.5KN Table Top UTM

United Deluxe 2.5KN Table Top UTM Model: DSTM-2.5kn 0908.866.933 2,400 lượt
5KN Universal Testing Machine Call

5KN Universal Testing Machine

United DSTM-5KN Universal Testing Machine 0908.866.933 3,324 lượt
Goodrich Flexometer Call

Goodrich Flexometer

Ueshima Goodrich Flexometer 0908.866.933 2,300 lượt


The MS-2152 Automatic Gravitometer measures density of rubber and plastics automatically. Consisting of a control box and an electronic balance with a bat lifting mechanism, it realizes a compact system. This equipment conforms to submerged replacement process (immersion method) described in JIS K7112 “Plastics – Methods of determining the density and relative density of non-cellular plastics”, JIS K0061 “Test methods for density and relative density of chemic 0908.866.933 2,394 lượt
Call 0908.866.933 2,562 lượt
Call 0908.866.933 2,544 lượt
Compression density tester Call

Compression density tester

A semi-automated instrument for the determination of the density / elasticity of unvulcanized rubber compounds. The instrument is designed for continuous operation in applications such as in-process quality control in rubber plants and other areas requiring repetitive testing of rubber and polymer samples. 0908.866.933 1,293 lượt
Call 0908.866.933 2,590 lượt
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Call 0908.866.933 2,377 lượt

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