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600kN Universal Testing Machine Call

600kN Universal Testing Machine

United DFM-600kN Universal testing machine are the logical choice when maximum crosshead travel and load frame capacity are required. The DFM models offer a choice of four standard load frame capacities. 0908.866.933
Universal Hardness Tester Call

Universal Hardness Tester

The United TRU-BLUE Rockwell Hardness Tester is computer controlled (closed loop) application of forces are via load cell measurement. Standards: ASTM E18 Metals, ASTM D785 Plastics, ISO 6508 Metals. Brinell Test method ASTM E10, ISO 6506. 0908.866.933


The pendulum impact testers PSD 450/300/150 of WPM with a working capacity of 150, 300 or 450 J are applied for the following tests: Notched-bar impact tests based on Charpy on steel and other metals according to DIN EN ISO 148, DIN 50115, ISO 83, ISO 148 and ASTM-E 23 0908.866.933
Call 0908.866.933
Call 0908.866.933
Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine Call

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

United High Capacity Smart Universal Hydraulic Floor Model (DHFM) tension and compression testing machines with computer control are available with capacities: 300 kN, 600 kN, 1000kN and 2,000 kN. Available with extended columns. United ‘SMART’ Testing Machines meet the requirements of ASTM E-8, ASTM E-9 and ASTM E-83. 0908.866.933

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