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Nuve - Turkey

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Nuve MD series Medical Refrigerators are manufactured for the safety storage drugs, vaccines, pharmaceutical and medical products under the ideal conditions with their wide programmable temperature range and advanced alarm system.


Model: MD 72 (200 L)/ MD 120 (303 L)/ MD 294 (630 L)/ MD 504 (1090 L)
Chamber volume : 200/303/630/1090 liters
Temperature range : 0°C / 10°C
Temperature display with 0.1°C resolution
Interior chamber : Stainless steel
Door window with triple glass
No of shelves : 3/5/6/12
Programmable microprocessor N-SmArt™control system
Password protected control system
4.3'' LCD colourful display for maximum information
5 language option (Turkish, English, French, Spanish, Russian)
Full traceability by keeping the operating parameters digitally 
and graphically in the memory
Internal memory for 10 years data
Colour changing error screen
Equipped with NuveCom™ communication unit
USB port to store the temperature records on memory stick
World-wide access via ethernet port with NuveCloser™
Rapid support by sending e-mails with the details of the failure
RS 232 port for PC or AlerText™
High density injected polyurethane insulation
Door with key lock
Perfect air tightness with magnetic gasket 
Alarm system for high and low temperature power failure
Temperature sensor failure and open door
Re-chargeable battery for control and alarm system
Remote alarm outlet
Standard outlet for central alarm system
230 V - 50/60 Hz
Battery operated 7-day chart recorder

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